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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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The Fundamentals of Esthetician Training

Cosmetology schools have become very popular over the years and much of this is due to the attraction of esthetician training. Esthetician training is the leader in cosmetology school and it is raising awareness of the importance of taking care of your skin. Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body so it makes sense why so much emphasis is put on it.

An esthetician is someone who specializes in the study of skin care which can include a large variety of different treatments. Some of the things that one learns during esthetician training are facial treatments, body wraps, salt glows, and different forms of waxing. A facial is a cosmetic treatment of the face and typically involves a variety of different skin treatments. These can include steaming, exfoliating, extraction, creams, lotions, masks, peels, and massages. Body wraps usually involve hot linens, plastic sheets and blankets being applied to different parts of the body.

Waxing is the most common form of hair removal and is performed to many different parts of the body. Waxing is only semi permanent, but it is the most popular alternative to shaving or plucking hairs. Waxing is such a great part of esthetician training because it removed the hair directly at the root rather than just shaving it off at the surface of the skin.

Generally, it takes anywhere from two to eight weeks for the waxed hair to grow back, depending on the method that was used. You can wax just about any part of the body including eyebrows, legs, face, bikini area, arms, back, abdomen and feet.

Waxing is popular among both men and women; everyone has unwanted hairs. Women typically wax their kegs, upper lip, eyebrows and bikini area while men generally want to wax unwanted hairs from their back, chest and abdomen areas. If this is a procedure that is continued for a period of years, it is possible to permanently remove the hair from unwanted areas.

Some estheticians team up with dermatologists to provide other, more invasive types of procedures like laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and varied typed of chemical peels. Esthetician training is very extensive, but it is still helpful to seek out the help of a licensed dermatologist. Often times, these two professions can team up and run quite a successful practice together. Cosmetology schools around the world offer some of the finest esthetician training, so if this is something you are interested in then beauty school is your answer.


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Laser Hair Removal

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