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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Laser Hair Removal: Your Choice?

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Coloring Your Hair

Coloring your hair enhances your looks and confidence to carry yourself. Hair color offer instant change to anyone's look. The changes can range from simple and subtle to major and dramatic. Hair color can also impact hair texture since it will instantly add volume to thin, fine strands and may impact curls and waves in some cases. Men and women have been coloring their hair since the beginning of time using chemicals, plants and pigments. In recent times, men and women dye their hair a variety of colors including everything from blonde to blue.

Hair dye is made up of pigments (color) or bleaches. The natural color of human hair is first and foremost directly tied to hereditary factors. Hair coloring can add spice and enhance many hair styles. A good hair color can add shine, drama and fun to your hair style.

It can make some hair types easier to style. Permanent hair coloring breaks down the hair cuticle and deposits pigment into the hair shaft. Unlike semi-permanent hair color, permanent hair color can lighten your hair. It accomplishes this by bleaching hair and depositing color in a one-step process. Hair color is created by the movement of light rays either as they are absorbed or reflected by artificial pigment added to the hair in the tinting process, or by natural hair pigment. Permanent hair color can cover gray hair more extensively.

Permanent hair color can be damaging to hair, and long-term usage can result in permanent irreversible harm to your hair. Natural hair color is created by the reflection or absorption of light rays by melanin. The size, amount and distribution of melanin determines the ultimate hair color. Great numbers of large melanin molecules distributed throughout the cortext to create different colors. The various combination in the size, amount and distribution of melanin creates all natural hair color. Reapply your color as often as recommended and use products specially formulated for color-treated hair like Pantene Pro-V Expressions.

Avoid over-exposing your hair to the sun and shampoo or rinse soon after swimming, or residues left in the hair will accelerate fading. Hair coloring is very popular today, with over 75% of women coloring their hair. When choosing your color, pick one that is 1 to 3 times lighter than your own natural color. Use color enhancing shampoos, conditioners and other products. Many companies offer these even different shades.

Try to match the shade as close to possible as the color you used. Use a layer of color, instead of using one shade throughout your hair. Try to avoid the sun and the chlorine in swimming pools. Both of these can fade your color.

Never wash your color treated hair in hot water. Use cool to lukewarm water and finish with cold water to help seal the cuticles of your hair. Temporary or semi-permanent haircolors may deposit acidic dyes onto the outside of the hair shaft or may consist of small pigment molecules that can slip inside the hair shaft, using a small amount of peroxide or none at all. In some cases, a collection of several colorant molecules enter the hair to form a larger complex inside the hair shaft.

Shampooing will eventually dislodge temporary hair color. Hair coloring Tips 1. Wash your hair. A good kind of shampoo to use is one that removes the pollutants of your hair. 2. Use protective gloves and an old towel, especially when you are new to hair coloring.

3. Another tip is to add two spoons of hair color to your regular conditioner after each shampoo. 4. Bleaching your hair roots is required after shampooing. 5.

Avoid curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers as much as you can. The heat can damage your hair faster after it has been curled or perm. 6. Never wash your color treated hair in hot water.

7. Use cool to lukewarm water and finish with cold water to help seal the cuticles of your hair. 8. Try to avoid the sun and the chlorine in swimming pools.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for skin care blog and hairstyles picture. She also writes articles for celebrity hairstyles.

Laser Hair Removal

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