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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Remedies For Dry Itchy Skin

Do you have dry itchy skin? If so, your skin probably feels tight a lot of the time. Those with dry skin might also have rough red patches on their faces, not to mention flaking, scaling and peeling in some areas. Dry itchy skin isn't just uncomfortable. It also makes you more prone to developing those fine lines and wrinkles most of us would like to avoid. Fortunately, there are things you can do to battle dryness and itching. Moisturize The best way to fight dryness is to moisturize.

Not only will using a good moisturizer hydrate you skin, it will also keep moisture from escaping. You should buy a moisturizer made for those with dry skin, and use it daily. Make sure you apply it soon after you have washed your face, to lock in even more moisture. Cold weather can also dehydrate the skin. So, if you are going out on a cold day, apply extra moisturizer. It will act as protection against the harsh elements.

Avoid Water Whenever Possible Going for long swims won't do your skin any favors. In fact, it will rob your skin of oils. However, if you love to swim, make sure and use extra moisturizer when you get out of the pool. Also, if you wash your face twice a day, or more, you could be making your problem worse. If your skin is itchy and dry, washing once a day might be more than enough. Washing once a day will keep your skin clean without drying it out.

Use the Right Soap or Cleanser If your skin feels tight and dry after you wash your face, you are using the wrong soap or cleanser. And, if you are using a product that contains the wrong ingredients, it could be making your skin more itchy. You should use a mild and gentle soap or cleanser specially formulated for dry skin.

You should also stick with products that are hypoallergenic. Buy a Humidifier Hot weather, or spending a lot of time indoors in a place where there is central heating, could be drying out your skin. One way to remedy this is by using a humidifier. It will add moisture to the air in your home, and help keep your skin from drying out.

You should keep the humidifier in the room where you spend the most time during the day, then move it to the room where you sleep at night. Keeping your dry itchy skin hydrated and moisturized is the first step to preventing find lines and wrinkles.

And now I'd like to invite you to visit my blog for more free articles, tips and reviews on skincare treatments including dry itchy skin treatments. I'd also like to invite you to subscribe to my Free E-course at http://www.skincaretreatmenttips.com - Author, Cavyl Stewart

Laser Hair Removal

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