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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Microdermabrasion Systems Home vs Professional

At present, current reports have stated that most microdermabrasion kits possess a very good 'safe to use at home' profile. And now, to make life so much easier for the person who does not want to take regular trips to the spa, beautician or medical centre, the kits have been made accessible for people to use in their very own homes! You may already be aware that microdermabrasion was developed from a more invasive procedure named dermabrasion which, although provides good results for extensive dermal scarring, requires the utilization of a metallic re-surfacing tool , the use of anaesthesia (which, in itself bears many side effects and risks of short/long term complications) coupled with long post-procedure recovery periods. In comparison, using micro-crystal creams, microdermabrasion kits/systems are able to attain very good results with regard to smoothening of skin for ageing, improving sun damaged skin and reduction of skin scars. These crystal creams are able to gently polish the skin whilst remarkably causing minimal damage. The hypoallergenic creams are impregnated with miniature exfoliating crystals made with (usually) aluminium oxide. This exfoliating cream is then circulated through a special cleansing device which applies the cream onto the face and deep-cleanses the latter, removing the outer-most layer of dead skin cells (the stratum corneum) and also clearing debris and micro-dust particles.

The cream is massaged onto the skin using a re-surfacing wand which massages the most exterior part of the surface skin tissue, clears clogged pores and improves the circulation of blood around the area of skin being treated. In general this procedure creates a fresh skin surface which decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pimples, blemishes, a smoother skin complexion, reduces appearances of scars caused by acne and stretch marks caused by pregnancy, obesity/weight gain or due to long lasting effects of the sun. The re-surfacing wand has various levels which determines the strength of the abrasive action; in general, this process is pain-free (hence does not warrant anaesthesia). Most skin beauticians, cosmetologists, doctors etc, use professional equipment consisting of closed-loop vacuum systems which is able to suck-up waste into a canister. Please bear in mind that people who perform microdermabrasion procedures are trained and certify to carry out these procedures on members of the public. The home systems, although do require training (which is usually provided via a manual accompanying the home kit), they are not as hard to use as what is seen at the mentioned professionals who do this on a larger scale.

Microdermabrasion home equipment is very user friendly and easily calibrated and tailored to the customer's specific requirements. Most home systems consist of, a hand-held resurfacing tool that applies the exfoliating solutions, specially formulated creams amalgamated with exfoliating crystals of aluminium oxide and various foam attachments fabricated for polishing all skin surface types. You can obtain microdermabrasion equipment from major, high-road, cosmetic manufacturers, or, simply online. If you are in need of professional microdermabrasion equipment, this can also be found by searching online.

The main difference between professional and home kits is that, the professional kits are able to simultaneously vacuum or sweep the debris thus increasing tissue stimulation, while having more power and durability due to repeated use and varying customer needs. In conclusion, microdermabrasion home equipments are affordable, easy to use, and cost much less than what medical centres, beauty salons use. The differences are small but if you are in need of experience, knowledgeable advice and as a first timer has no clue, directing yourself to a professional is the path to take. On the other hand, if you have had microdermabrasion treatments from a professional and want to cut costs, then a home kit is for you! Either way, you never lose out as the aesthetic benefits are brilliant and results are simply amazing!.

Asanka Samaranayake (BSc Hons Neuroscience) and Darren Patten (Bsc Hons Surgery & Anaesthesia)have a specialist interest in microdermabrasion and provide you with an indispensable resource at Microdermabrasion Info. Net

Laser Hair Removal

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