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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Microdermabrasion

This article answers the following questions. What is microdermabrasion? Why use a home microdermabrasion system? Will home microdermabrasion increase my skin's sensitivity to the sun? Will home microdermabrasion cause redness? What if my skin seems to "flake" after microdermabrasion? Can I use home microdermabrasion on other areas of the body? How do I use a home microdermabrasion system? What results can I expect? Can I still use Retin-AŽ, RenovaŽ and alpha hydroxy acids? How much pressure should I use? My skin is burning or tingling - is this OK? Q: What is microdermabrasion? A: Sometimes called a "Parisian Peel" or "Lunchtime Peel," microdermabrasion is the latest, most effective non-surgical comprehensive approach to skin care in the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, superficial pigmentation and sun-damaged skin. It is considered safe on all skin types and colors. However, it is usually done at spas and doctor's offices, where it can be very costly, requiring 10-12 sessions for maximum results at prices ranging from $90 to $150 per session.

First developed in Italy, it has been used successfully for the past eight years around the world for thousands of women. There is now a home microdermabrasion system with the same aluminum oxide crystals used by expensive systems. Q: Why use a home microdermabrasion system? A: It's easy, convenient and provides visible results for a fraction of the cost of a professional treatment at a doctor's office or spa. Home microdermabrasion uses the same aluminum oxide crystals used in expensive treatments, but you can do it at home during your leisure time - no time-consuming travel or expensive appointments are necessary. And unlike skin-polishing machines and creams that don't really work, you'll see visible results with home microdermabrasion treatments the very first time, comparable with the results from professional treatments! Q: Will home microdermabrasion increase my skin's sensitivity to the sun? A: Immediately after exfoliation, your new skin will be slightly sensitive.

Your skin may feel a little hot and appear a little pink for the first day. You should be perfectly fine that night. If you use a little too much pressure, treatments may leave you pink and sensitive a bit longer, but there's nothing to worry about - you can never actually hurt yourself using home microdermabrasion.

If that happens, just use less pressure and time for your next treatment. I highly recommend using a sunscreen for several days after any real microdermabrasion treatment. This sensitivity is temporary. There are no harsh or harmful chemicals in home microdermabrasion to cause other kinds of sensitivity.

In fact, it is hypoallergenic! Q: Will home microdermabrasion cause redness? A: After use, your skin will take on a fresh new "glow" and there will be some redness present (similar to a slight sunburn). However, this will dissipate in a few hours. Makeup can be applied afterwards and there is no downtime. It's advisable to use additional products to soothe, hydrate and protect your skin after home microdermabrasion treatments. Q: What if my skin seems to "flake" after microdermabrasion? A: This is normal after a real microdermabrasion treatment, at a doctor or at home.

The "flaking" is actually superficial peeling of the old skin. Your skin is now rejuvenating, with new, younger-looking skin growing and replacing the dead skin. The "flaking" will dissipate within a day or so. Q: Can I use home microdermabrasion on other areas of the body? A: Definitely! Home microdermabrasion works great on rough elbows, feet and even discoloration and age spots on the hands! In addition, home microdermabrasion may be used on stretch marks to help reduce their appearance. Q: How do I use a home microdermabrasion system? A: Give yourself a home microdermabrasion treatment about once every two weeks to gently buff the skin. Use the sponge with light to moderate pressure for one to three minutes -- do not over use! It's that simple! Thereafter, a monthly maintenance regime is recommended to maintain soft, fresh looking skin.

You will love how young your skin appears. Q: What results can I expect? A: You will notice a visible improvement in your skin's appearance even after the first treatment, though the best results come after a series of six treatments. Acne scars and large pores will look greatly reduced.

Age spots, discoloration, and fine lines will be less noticeable. Of course, deeply pitted or scarred areas and darker pigmented areas may require several treatments, and microdermabrasion is not a "miracle cure" for severely damaged skin. Microdermabrasion can not be expected to remove tattoos. Q: Can I still use Retin-AŽ, RenovaŽ and alpha hydroxy acids? A: Yes. However, home microdermabrasion eliminates the need for these products -- why use harsh chemicals on you skin when you can use safe, effective home microdermabrasion instead! Q: How much pressure should I use? A: Never use heavy pressure.

Use gentle, circular motions over the entire face. If you have sensitive skin, test home microdermabrasion on the underside of your forearm for a minute first. If you have excessive redness and irritation, use lighter pressure. As your skin adjusts you may be able to gradually increase the pressure and time, up to three minutes, or five minutes for tougher skin. Q: My skin is burning or tingling - is this OK? A: Yes.

As with any true microdermabrasion treatment, you may experience redness, tingling or burning sensations similar to a mild sunburn. This means your microdermabrasion treatment is working! This will go away in a few hours. Apply a soothing gel as often as necessary. With more sensitive skin, it can take a little longer. If your skin is extremely sensitive, you can use a hydrating serum before your home microdermabrasion treatment to reduce irritation.

Kathleen Williams is the developer of the Dermanesse Professional Home Microdermabrasion System, an alternative to professional treatments. She is an expert on skin problems.

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