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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Egyptian scarab beetle

A common symbol of ancient Egyptian art works and amulets is the scarab. It lays its eggs inside a ball of dung which it rolls into a hole under the ground. This is done so the larvae would have food after they hatched. When all the dung was consumed, the young beetles come out. Egyptians considered this as a 'spontaneous creation' and worshiped the beetle as the god Khepera.

Khepera was the name of a minor god in Egyptian mythology. It can also be spelled Khepri, Kheper, Khepra or Chepri. The behavior of the beetle, which maintains spherical balls of dung, is a representation of the forces which move the sun. Khepri gained a more important role in the beliefs of the Egyptians, becoming an embodiment of the sun. The disappearance of the sun at night was associated to the underworld, closely related to the way the beetle pushes the dung underground.

The scarab lays its eggs in dead matter or dung. From there, lots of young scarabs emerge. Because of this, ancient Egyptians thought the scarabs come from dead matter. This led them to believe that the scarab is a symbol for rebirth, resurrection and renewal.

This is obvious if we take the name 'kheper' which means 'come into being'. Later, when the cult of Ra became more significant, Khepri became known as an aspect of Ra, which was a constitution of the dawning sun. As you can see, there is a close relation between the meanings of Khepera and Ra.

As a representation of the dawning sun, it symbolizes the way the sun comes into being. Khepera was known as a whole scarab beetle, but in some tombs, paintings can be found of him as man with a scarab head. When he was represented as a beetle, he pushed the sun across the sky every day, and at night he kept on rolling it safely through the underworld. It became a symbol popularly represented in amulets.

Amulets like the one mentioned afore contained real scarabs. They were commonly placed on the chest of mummies close to the heart. In ancient Egypt, the heart was believed to be the key to all our activities, the way we thought and acted. Because of this, after someone died, the brain was taken out of the skull and thrown away because it was useless. An Egyptian scarab pendant can be worn today as well. As a symbol of rebirth, resurrection or renewal, an Egyptian scarab pendant can become a great fashion accessory while it holds great significance.

If you want to purchase such an accessory, you must be sure you buy the right amulet. You shouldn't go to the local flee market and buy one. The best place you can buy an Egyptian scarab pendant is over the internet.

If you visit ka-gold-jewelry.com, you will get a genuine pendant that holds a real scarab inside of it, a scarab that has followed the natural process of birth, life and death. If you are interested in other Egyptian jewelry, like the Eye of Horus or Horeb unification, this is also the place to find them. You can also find symbols from other cultures like Tibetan Buddhism, Jewish, Merkaba or Kabbalah.

All the jewelry found on this website, including the Egyptian scarab pendant, is submitted to a special energizing process. Hand crafted pieces are put through deep meditation so you can enjoy a unique accessory with special meaning and powers.

Now that you know the myths behind the scarabs, you can offer an Egyptian scarab pendant to a person in order to boost their confidence when they are in a slump. Purchasing the pendant from the website mentioned afore ensures you will get nothing less then genuine jewelry.

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