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How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

That depends solely on the area of hair removal required. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes, for parts such as the chin to about 30 minutes or more for the back.
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Cosmetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Congrats! Youve taken off the pounds! Now, its time to think about getting some plastic surgery done.

Does that sound drastic? Most people who go through massive weight loss, whether through successful dieting or other changes get a plastic surgery done to get their body back into a more natural shape. Then, you can have a whole new you, thin and trim!

So, why do people get cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss, and what can be done? Lets look at some of the trouble spots and solutions.

*The Spare Tire Around Your Belly Has Turned Into a Deflated Tube

After massive weight loss, you may find that your once round belly has now become a layer of flab that hangs over your belt in a way you would prefer it didnt. This is when plastic surgery can help.

An abdominoplasty (AKA tummy tuck) in this area can greatly help in getting your belly back into shape.

After that, its all about push-ups, and you are on your own for that!

*Your Breasts Hang Down Past Your Belly Button

Lots of women want bigger breasts, but nobody wants giant, deflated balloons hanging from their chest. This is what often happens after extreme weight loss.

There are two solutions - Breast reduction, or breast augmentation.

Breast reduction gets rid of the extra tissue and restores your chest to a normal size. If you are happy with the breasts, but just dont want them swinging so low, a little breast augmentation can make them perkier and more natural-looking.

The extra boobs can also be troublesome for men who have lost a lot of weight.

For this, breast reduction is recommended. Get rid of the extra breast age and you dont have to be shy about shedding that shirt when you go for swimming.

- Your Butt Looks like A Deflated Inner tube.

It may sound funny, but its not funny at all when it happens to you. After losing a lot of weight, many people find themselves with a lot left over in the place they want it least - the behind.

Dont worry, plastic surgery can help! The solution to this common problem is a butt lift. It sounds like a hip hop dance craze, but its actually a simple plastic surgery procedure that tucks in and removes tissue in the posterior region. It works like a face lift or body lift, simply adjusting the tissue underneath to give back a natural shape to your butts.

- Youve Got The Hollow Cheeks Of Someone Whos Been Stranded On A Desert Island Living On Whatever They Can Catch With Their Hands

Often, after massive weight loss, you will have the hollow-cheeks starvation look. The cause is loose flesh and extra leftover tissue that doesnt know where to go.

Plastic surgery can help, by offering a minor face lift. This is standard procedure after massive weight loss. Raising the tissue underneath the skin will help your face look natural and healthy.

By the way, these cosmetic surgery solutions are not only cosmetic; they are also good for the overall health of your body.

You will have firmer muscles, less loose tissue, and little trouble with rashes and other ailments caused by massive weight loss.

Let plastic surgery help you get your body back into the shape you want. If you have had a massive weight loss, the next step is to talk to a plastic surgeon and see what they can do for you.


About the Author (text)Plastic surgery San Antonio offers natural looking results. If you are planning to go for a cosmetic surgery after a massive weight loss, it is advisable to consult the proficient surgeon get the most preferred and effective results. Visit http://www.drvirginia.com/.

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Laser Hair Removal

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